Learn to Fly the Cruising Spinnaker

Learn to make this beautiful and powerful sail work for you..


Spinnaker Skills Clinic

The asymmetrical spinnaker is a beautiful sail that can make the difference between sailing back from Catalina, and having to motor all the way home.  Designed for reaching and downwind sailing, the fast and impressive asymmetric spinnaker is actually pretty straightforward once you know how to rig and fly it.  That's what we teach and practice here.

You’ll learn how to rig, set, trim, jibe, and douse the asymmetric spinnaker, and how the helmsman and the trimmer work together to make the boat go fast.

Prerequisites:  Competent Crew skill level:  able to work at the skipper’s direction to safely handle halyards, sheets, and winches, and steer a steady course; familiarity with sail trim concepts; must be in good physical condition, able to move around the boat while underway.

Upcoming Dates
● September 11, 2019
● September 25, 2019
● October 9, 2019

Time:  10AM – 4PM
Where:  Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach, parking and boarding instructions will be provided
Cost:  $129 per person. 8% Long Beach Harbor fee applies.


  • Free NauticEd online Logbook and Resume

  • Free TrackLink App - makes adding to your sailing resume automatic and easy

  • 2 Free NauticEd Sailing Courses

  • Links to above sent upon registration

What to Bring:

  • Hat, gloves, sunglasses, glasses, sunscreen

  • Layers of clothing, including windbreaker

  • Water, and lunch for yourself

  • Non-marking deck shoes

  • A smile!