Sailing Skill Clinics

Wing and wing with the asymmetrical spinnaker


Focused Skill Training

Here we offer focused skill training in special areas for more experienced sailors. This is an opportunity to get really good at your chosen skill.

You’ll work on new and innovative methods that most sailors don’t learn for years and might never learn at all through their own trial and error. Scroll down for more about the How and Why of these Sailing Skill Endorsements

Sailing Skill Clinics and the endorsements are also available on our off-shore Sailing Adventures.

Classes below provide a Sailing Skill Endorsement through NauticEd!

Available Skill Clinics

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Learn how to anchor or get some help refining your skills in this two part class that is all on the water.

Imagine an entire class for you to practice one of the most important skills every sailor needs to master.

Never feel nervous again when maneuvering under power in your sailboat in a crowded marina.

Expert instruction will have you ready to hoist, trim, jibe, and douse. Repetitions build knowledge and confidence.

Expert Training

Here’s what people are saying about sailing lessons with Santana Sailing Owner, Marc Hughston:

Marc may quite possibly be the best instructor I’ve ever experienced. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about sailing, boating, and the theory behind it all, he’s incredibly skilled at laying everything out in a clear and concise way, and being able to put things in a way that is easy to understand, take away, and use in the future. I swear I’ve learned more in his classes in a very short time than I’ve ever learned from any other teacher, in any other class, ever in my life. He’s always upbeat and willing to answer any question you might throw at him with a well thought out and knowledgeable answer based on real life experience. All that, and his classes are amazingly fun too! I’ve taken some of his classes three or more times just because of him and the cool people I meet on our adventures.

Because of Marc, I currently own my own boat and am working on sailing it around the world. I would not have the knowledge to take on a challenge like that were it not for him. Thanks Marc!!
— Jimmy C., February 2017
I truly enjoyed our class. I greatly appreciate your incredible knowledge and passion you show to teach sailing to others. I am so looking forward to sail with you again.
— Shaz S., October 2016

Sailing Skill Endorsements Available on Sail Training Adventures:

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  • Cruising Catamaran Operations - available on Sail Training Adventures

  • Dinghy Operation - available on Sail Training Adventures

  • Heavy Weather Experience - available on Sail Training Adventures, depending on conditions

  • Night Time Sailing Operations - available on some Sail Training Adventures

  • Offshore Passage making (60 miles in one go) - available on some Sail Training Adventures

  • Offshore Passage making (200 miles + full overnight sailing) - in development

  • On Board Chef - in development

Skill Clinics- How and Why
First off, it is your practical skills and your resume that will get you wherever you want to go in the world of sailing. When you participate in these clinics, you will receive a skill endorsement that shows on your on-line resume with NauticEd. That’s how you impress the charter company or the yacht captain you want to do that delivery with.

This is sail training to the third power: you’ll get coaching, powerful short cuts, and gain proficiency from an expert sailor who is also an expert trainer. Your growth in sailing skills is assured. During more than two decades of instruction we’ve been able to determine the best methods to perform these skills and the best ways to teach them - because we’ve seen everything imaginable go wrong a hundred different ways.

As a result, we can show you the tricks of the trade, teach you what works, AND, let you make the mistakes you need to in order to really learn - with the instructor right there to catch you. That’s a win, all the way around.

Learn to Sail and Cruise Classes Available in Long Beach, CA:

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Anchoring 1-2

Anchoring 1-2

Night sailing and navigation

Night sailing and navigation

Med Mooring