Santa Cruz Island Cove Chart

This is a composite of NOAA Chart 18728 "Santa Cruz Channel" and Chart 18729 "Ancacapa Passage."  The labels are mine, and are not part of any NOAA chart.  There is not a "one-page" chart of Santa Cruz Island, at this scale, except for this one that I have created.  Please do not rely on this chart for navigation.  Instead, use NOAA charts 18728 and 18729 for navigation in this area.

For a larger view, right-click and select open in new tab, or, copy image and paste into a Word document.

Composite of NOAA Charts 18728 and 18729

Composite of NOAA Charts 18728 and 18729

Cruising Santa Cruz Island

Here's a little taste of Cruising Santa Cruz Island, the largest of CA's Northern Channel Islands.  Chrissie, a veteran of numerous offshore trips via sailing schools, as well as private trips I have put together, created this video to share the magic of the Northern Channel Islands, and Santa Cruz Island in particular.  

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It's gonna be good!