About Our Sail Training Adventures

We’re excited to offer live-aboard sail training opportunities with expert instruction and guidance where you can either take a Slow Cruise and experience the best of the cruising life and learn without formal certification, or, get your game on and get certified for the SLC Mediterranean Sailing License, and / or Bareboat Charter Master Rank.

And what’s really exciting to me is, on the certification trips, you’ll actually become competent and confident with these skills. Yes, that’s revolutionary - it shouldn’t be, but it is. Read on for more.

The Grand Unification Theory - In Practice

Let’s cut to the chase: with either ASA or US Sailing, you’re going to have to climb up through their own certification ladders, starting at the bottom. On the other hand, we can get you to where you want to be in the world of sailing, no matter where you got your experience - with ASA, with US Sailing, or on a variety of race boats, years of cruising and chartering with friends, even sailing that boat you used to own. If you can demonstrate foundation skills, and you’re trainable for the rest, we can help you. You want your SLC with a Catamaran endorsement for that Greek Isles charter? Without any prior certifications? Without starting at the bottom? Three months from now?

If you can complete the requirements including the on-line coursework and demonstrating the skills, the answer is YES.

Spend a little time looking in to it and you will see, no one else can do that. See the page on the SLC Mediterranean Sailing License for all the details. And so…

  • If you have come part way up the certification ladder with US Sailing or ASA, finish the job here with the most rigorous standards in the business, and the Bareboat Charter Master Certification and Catamaran endorsement that is accepted around the world. We accept your experience from both US Sailing and ASA, and everywhere else.

  • If you are planning a Mediterranean cruise, you need the SLC to charter. Get that done on one of our Sailing Adventures.

  • Of course, you might be new to this whole cruising thing. Join one of our Slow Cruises and get your feet wet. Heck, you can dive right in.

Sail Training Cruises Available in Two Destinations

Learn To Sail Vacation in the Sea of Cortez
Learn how to anchor bow and stern right here, 6 NM from Avalon

Learn how to anchor bow and stern right here, 6 NM from Avalon

Sea of Cortez

Known among adventurers as “The World’s Aquarium,” there is no other place quite like this uncrowded paradise for exploring under sail.

  • Earn your SLC / Bareboat Charter Master Rank.

  • A variety of Sailing Skill Endorsements are available.

  • Slow Cruise - get an introduction to the best of the Sea of Cortez while cruising under sail.

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Catalina and the Channel Islands

Experience Catalina a variety of ways. The rugged and remote northern Channel Islands are more challenging, and you’ll see why it is said that if you can cruise there, you can cruise anywhere.

  • Slow Cruise - get an introduction to the best of the Catalina and the Channel Islands while cruising under sail.

  • Anchoring At Catalina - learn bow and stern anchoring from the expert

  • Catalina Night Crossing and Circumnavigation - Earn your SLC / Bareboat Charter Master Rank

  • Channel Islands Cruises - Earn your SLC / Bareboat Charter Master Rank, or take it slow.

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