Why the Name, Santana Sailing?

The name Santana has been a part of the sailing world for quite some time - a reference to the sometimes ferocious NE winds that sweep across Southern California.  Humphrey Bogart's sailboat was named Santana, Schock made a line of sailboats named Santana, and there was even a So Cal sailing magazine named Santana.  In the Fall through Spring, Southern California weathermen and women call those NE winds the Santa Anas - old salts just call them Santanas.  Thus, the name Santana Sailing was born.

Marc took his first sailing lesson at age 14 on the island of Moorea, and he has been sailing ever since. As a sailing and cruising instructor since 1998, Marc has honed his expertise in anchoring, handling heavy weather, and exploring off the beaten path. “I enjoy being able to unhook and explore remote areas, and handle the sometimes tough conditions with confidence. One of the most satisfying experiences for me is helping others build the capabilities they need to do the same.”

Marc regularly leads off-shore multi-day voyages to the Sea of Cortez and the Caribbean, and to Catalina and the Northern Channel Islands. He teaches Basic Keelboat, Basic Cruising, and Bareboat Cruising Certification, J/105 Level 1 and 2, Harbor 20 Level 1 and 2, and leads cruising seminars at the OCC School of Sailing and Seamanship. His cruising guide entitled “Anchoring At Catalina: No Moorings? No Problem!” is the text for the 3-day cruise of the same name. 

"My main purpose in life is to share the things I know and love with those who appreciate them."  That means,

  • Helping sailors gain the competence and confidence to enable their sailing dreams

  • Instructing and certifying sailors to the highest standards in the business

  • Taking adventurous trips to CA's Northern Channel Islands, the Sea of Cortez, the Grenadines, the Spanish Virgin Islands, and more destinations…

Marc holds a USCG 100 ton Master’s license, and is a guidebook author and professional sailing and cruising instructor. Marc leads the Santana Sailing School, is a NauticEd Intructor Assesor, and has instructor certifications from US Sailing, US Powerboating  and ASA.


Enjoying a nice breeze on the waters off Newport Beach.