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Learn to Sail and Cruise With Santana Sailing

Santana Sailing is a NauticEd Sailing School, combining state of the art sail training, the highest certification standards in the business, and a guarantee of practical competency.  Building your competence and confidence on the water is what we do. 

Sound good?  Get your gloves and sunglasses and come on out with us for some Vitamin Sea!

What We Offer

  • State of the art online and practical sail training methodology

  • You will earn the confidence and competence to fulfill your sailing dreams


  • Sailing Certification Ranks recognized at Sunsail, The Moorings, and around the world

  • The International SLC™ so you can charter in Europe & the Mediterranean

  • Practical Endorsements for skills such as Spinnaker, Anchoring, Catamaran, Maneuvering Under Power, Crew Overboard Rescue, and more

  • California training and certification venues include LA/Long Beach, Newport Beach, Catalina Island and the Northern Channel Islands. We can also work with you on your boat with your crew

  • 2019 Sail Training Adventures - live aboard experiences on the stunning Sea of Cortez north of Cabo San Lucas, and in the Channel Islands in the Pacific Ocean off the southern California coast

  • Lifetime access to the NauticEd sail training curriculum

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Off Dana Point in July

State of The Art Training

Santana Sailing is a NauticEd Sailing School.  Our practical training methodology, honed by two decades of on the water sailing and cruising instruction, is combined with state of the art online knowledge training which meets the American National Standards (ANSI) for sailing training and assessment.  Start checking it out with 2 Free NauticEd sailing courses right HERE.

  Certification in the Northern Channel Islands

Certification in the Northern Channel Islands

Guaranteed Practical Competency

You're here for the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to accomplish your sailing dream.  And so, until and unless you decide that sailing just isn’t for you, you can keep coming back for additional practical instruction, on the water, at no additional charge until we can absolutely, positively, check off on your practical abilities according to the ANSI sailing training and assessment standards.   More details HERE.

Magic on a Sea of Cortez adventure

Get Tuned Up, Build Your Resume, and Go International

The certification ranks we offer, from Qualified Crew Member to Skipper, Bareboat Charter Master, Captain Rank, and the International SLC, are designed to help you get from where you are in the world of sailing to where you want to be.  Your certifications, combined with your experience and sailing resume, are the keys.

Getting Tuned Up
Have you come part way up the certification ladder with US Sailing or ASA? Already have your Bareboat Certification but feel rusty?  Want Catamaran experience and Certification? 

Finish your sailing education and skill development here with the most rigorous standards, and the Bareboat Charter Master Certification and Catamaran endorsement that is accepted around the world. Get a refresher for your upcoming charter, or get your Bareboat Charter Master Certification in LA/Long Beach, Newport Beach or on one of our 2019 Sail Training Adventures.

Building Your Sailing Resume
Santana Sailing offers a free NauticEd online logbook, resume, and TrackLink app that will add to your online resume with a couple of taps on your iPhone.  The certifications and endorsements you receive are posted in your online resume, and the link can be sent to anyone who needs it. 

Getting Your International SLC
Are you planning to charter in Spain, Italy, Croatia or elsewhere in the Med?  Get your Internationl SLC License by passing the exams online, and prep for and take the practical evaluation on the water in Newport Beach or on your boat.  And when you book your charter with NauticEd, they can pre-clear your license with the Yacht Charter Company for you.

Sailing Courses / Certification Ranks

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Qualified Crew
Basic Sailing / Skipper Small Keelboat (SSKB)
Basis Cruising / Skipper (large) Keelboat (SKPR)
Bareboat Charter Master / BBCM
International SLC License
Practical Endorsements