International SLC™

  Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Going sailing in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, France, Turkey? In the past you needed the ICC (International Certificate of Competence), something that was very difficult for North Americans to obtain, as there are very few RYA schools (1 in the USA and 3 in Canada) able to issue it.  

Now, the NauticEd SLC™ is accepted as a valid sailing license in the Mediterranean.  Santana Sailing is authorized to conduct the practical evaluation which, along with completion of all certification requirements, results in awarding you with the SLC™.

See the Press Release HERE, for details.

  Click the image for more about the SLC

Click the image for more about the SLC


Step 1.  Pass the Online Courses and FREE SLC™ Exam
Sign up with NauticEd and take the Bareboat Charter Master bundle of courses, and the Free  SLC™ Examination Course.  Take the FREE course now to see if you are prepared.

Step 2.  Experience & Training
Log your sailing experience in the online NauticEd eLogbook, totaling a minimum of 50 days (4 hours min in a day), with 25 of those days as master of the vessel and with 25 of those days on a boat larger than 28 feet.  We provide on the water training at additional cost, to get you tuned up, so that you are ready for the assessment in advance.  This training does not guarantee a pass, but is highly recommended.

Step 3.  Assessment
Complete a 1-day assessment of practical skills with Santana Sailing, using these SLC-Bareboat Charter assessment rubrics.  Contact us to schedule your assessment, or to schedule up to 3 days of preparatory training - in Newport Beach, or on your boat with your crew.* 

Step 4.  Government License
USA residents must gain their State Boater License (free at  Canadians must gain their PCOC. These licenses may be obtained online.

Maintain your SLC™:  Renew by passing the SLC™ Examination Course every 2 years

International SLC™ Details:

Where: Newport Beach, CA
When: Monthly through 2018
How:  May be combined with a 1 (or more) day skills refresher course on the water, immediately prior to assessment.
Assessor:  Marc Hughston


  • Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of Courses $175.00
  • SLC Examination Course FREE
  • Assessment only, 1 day $499 per candidate
  • Preparatory training day(s)  $499 per candidate / per prep day
  • SLC Complete Bundle:  BBCM Course Bundle, 1 prep day, 1 day assessment $990

*PLEASE NOTE:  The 1-day assessment is a comprehensive practical evaluation in which you demonstrate the required skills and respond to questions underway, resulting in a pass or fail for the assessment.  This is not a day of instruction.  We like you and respect you but again, this is not a day of instruction.  On the water practice and preparation in advance is very highly recommended, and we offer that service, but you decide how you will get it done.  Please use the form below to contact us with questions, for scheduling, and to learn more about the SLC™.

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