Santana Sailing School

Competence and confidence, and the ability to expand your limits safely - that's what we offer.  Over the last 19 years, as a sailing and cruising instructor and leader of adventure sailing trips, I've learned what people really want out of the instructional sailing experience - the feeling of confidence and competence.   

You want to confidently and safely take your family and friends out for a day on the water, a weekend at Catalina, or a Caribbean or Mediterranean sailing adventure.  You want the foundation and competence to handle new situations when they arise - whether anchoring bow and stern in a new cove, handling strong winds, or pulling in to a crowded new harbor in the Grenadines. 

You want to be able to have new experiences, explore new destinations like the Sea of Cortez, and to be able to do it well, and in good style.  Enabling you to do just that is the essence of what we offer.

As a NauticEd Affiliate, we offer state of the art online training for the theoretical knowledge portion of your sailing education.  You can go back to it again and again.  Even old salts will learn a few new things.  And, you'll have the benefit of the online resume which tracks your experience and sea time, shows your rank and level of training, and is accepted by yacht charter companies around the world.  Sign up for 2 free NauticEd Sailing Courses here.

Practical Sail Training
Your practical sail training on the water is customized for you and what you want to accomplish.  Training for all ranks and levels, Qualified Crew through Captain rank is available in Newport Beach and coastal waters including Catalina and Santa Barbara Island.  Bareboat Charter Master and Captain rank training my also be conducted in places such as the Sea of Cortez, the Grenadines, and CA's Northern Channel Islands.  Much of the Southern CA training will be conducted on a modern sloop rigged Catalina 34, and vessels up to 45 feet.  Sea of Cortez and Caribbean sail training is conducted on a variety of vessels including the Dufour 455, and Lagoon catamarans in the 40-44 foot range.

On Your Boat
Marc is available for private instruction on your yacht or charter vessel, sail or power, on the California coast and in Southern California harbors.  You can also arrange for Marc to join you on your cruise or charter vacation, anywhere in the world.

Please Contact Us and tell us what you want to accomplish in the world of sailing, and let's workout your plan to gain the knowledge and skill you need to get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

Reefed down on the way to Santa Barbara Island

Reefed down on the way to Santa Barbara Island

Sailing and Cruising Instruction

Do you want to learn how to handle heavy weather?  Want to improve your anchoring skills for cruising?  Ready to get to the next level with sail trim?  Want to get tuned-up for the sailing vacation you are planning?  Click the "Learn More" link below to discover the possibilities.

Working with a couple on their 55' Yacht in San Pedro

Working with a couple on their 55' Yacht in San Pedro

Power - Single and Twin Screw

You want to feel confident bringing your boat to the fuel dock, or back to the slip.  Want to step up your game to handle the boat with just you and your spouse?  Or just you alone?  Click the "Learn More" link below and let us know what you want to accomplish.

Anchoring at Catalina presentation for IOBG District 21 Meeting

Anchoring at Catalina presentation for IOBG District 21 Meeting


Looking for a speaker for your group?  Over the last several years Marc has spoken on a wide variety of topics at Yacht clubs, Power Squadrons, Sailing Associations and orgs, and at the OCC School of Sailing and Seamanship.  Click the "Learn More" link below and tell us what you have in mind.